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Here are some SaaS projects I am currently building and actively working on.

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I have written for Inc, Business Insider (multiple times), Business Journal, KISSMetrics, VentureBeat, InformationWeek and other popular blogs.

Frequently asked questions

What's your background?
I'm an entrepreneur. I started AppFog in 2010, raised almost $10M in venture capital, and was acquired in 2013. Before that, I was the first employee and head of engineering for 5 years at MOG (now Beats Music acquired by Apple). Before MOG, I contracted as an engineer for a wide variety of startups including MeasureMap which was acquired by Google in 2006.
Do you do public speaking?
I have spoken at more than 30 conferences around the world. I am often asked to talk about technology and entrepreneurship for large corporations and governments including NASA, IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton and others. If you would like me to speak at your event, please reach out.
Have you been interviewed on podcasts or radio?
I have been featured on various podcasts and radio interviews including Unmistakable Creative Podcast, The Breaking Biz Podcast, The IBM DeveloperWorks Podcast, Tech AM PowerDrive Radio Show, Empire Flippers Podcast and others.

Lucas Carlson is someone I go to, to bounce ideas and concepts off of, because he has that rare trifactor of - Technical Relevance, Entrepreneurial Focus and Authentic Character; He remains technically broad enough to understand the landscape while deep enough to be able to build a prototype himself, he is grounded to the purpose of technology always maintaining a pragmatic approach and he is unfailingly authentic in his opinion and will not tell you what you want to hear unless he understands and believes it himself.

Andrew Higginbotham
SVP Cloud & Technology, CenturyLink

Lucas is one of the most gifted entrepreneurs and founders I've met in my career. He's driven, focused, insightful -- everything you want in a founder and an entrepreneur. He's also one of the smarter people I know - and is also a genuinely good person. I learn from Lucas all the time - and that is priceless.